jLupin Next Server
  • Entering the world of microservices hasn’t been so easy!
  • Increase your efficiency, enable 24/7, reduce TCO…
  • … keeping the architecture simple and scalable!
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Three basic steps to enter the world of Enterprise Java Spring

Do you need more enterprise in Java Spring world ?

Fed up with monolith applications ?
Need more business agility on the application environment level ?
Need more opportunities rather than constraints ?

Run your Spring application on JLupin Next Server !

It’s easy ! No changes in your code !

This „small” step gives you a lot of functionalities and opportunities to improve your environment (read more).

Enjoy your Spring Server for Microservices !

Use the multi JVM architecture and become a microservices architect without any additional management tools.

Entering the world of microservices hasn’t been so easy !

Build your own Enterprise Microservices Bus !

You can easly combine good practices from SOA and Microservices and build Enterprise Microservices Bus.

Now, You can deal with complex application landscape on one, efficient application platform - JLupin Next Server.