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This is the second stage of JLupin's transformation, that leads to seamless experience with application technologies and engagement its users into building better IT solutions, creating good practices in scope of architecture and discussing new features in technologies that support goals.

What is the main goal ?

To make the software development life cycle (including maintenance) more easier, nicer and efficient from yours and business perspective. We want you to spend more time on design and development than coordination and control meetings and .... to make the business partners happier :)

Become a hero in your company :)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are introducing the first version of new JLupin Next Server website, which brings completely new graphical design and a lot of enhancements, in particular:

  • improved download process, to get the software as easy as possible,
  • new documentation to get to know more as efficient as possible,
  • tutorials section to apply the knowledge into practice as fast as possible,
  • rate & discuss feature to improve the portal and its content.

We have started with full documentation and some tutorials that we hope will help you in the first contact with our tools. If you have comments or ideas about the content use the "Rate & discuss". If you have a new idea for something new (tutorial, portal functionality, others) - write to us through the contact form.

This is the first step on the path of building new collaboration platform for IT professionals interested in innovative architecture supported by excellent technology and experienced partner.

The next steps are coming soon, keep in touch to get the news first !