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The new version of JLupin Next Servers and associated tools will assist you in dealing with software development process on every its stage:

Powerfull IDE plugin for InteliiJ provided by JLupin helps to plan, visualize and verify microservice architecture of your application. No more additional graphical tools and inconsistency between documentation and reality. We can say that we've provided WYSIWYG approach to the world of software development ;)
Easy deployment in high performance and automatic runtime environment, where jBrick technology enables any scale of operation , reliable data processing and main stream technologies (Spring Boot). Now, you don't have to worry about how your application will be deployed on "upper" environments at all.
Management tools to deal with complexity of microservice environment in scope of maintenance. With JLupin Control Center operational tasks are easy to execute, the commands and their syntax are intuitive, the monitoring is on board to keep control over applications in 24/7 operational mode.

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