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Third Party Extensions

Welcome to the website where external programmers provide extend the functionality of the server.

Download, install and use interesting extensions.


Description Release date Version Authors  Link Docs
Health checking module  (for 1.0.0 JLupin Next Server version) installed on proper application for software client load balancer based on JLupinHealthCheckingSocketBalancerImpl. 14-10-31 1.0.0 JLupin Download


Health checking module (for 1.2.0 and later JLupin Next Server version)  16-03-24 1.2.0 JLupin Download Pdf
Javonet JLupin Extension (JJE). JJE is the extension for JLupin Next Server microservices platform.With Javonet Extension you can build and host scalable and reliable technology-independent applications on JLupin created in .NET or Java. 16-02-24 1.0.0 SDNCenter go to site read more